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Maciej Kautz - conference moderatorConference moderator

Maciej Kautz is a journalist at Polskie Radio - Poland's public broadcaster. He originated "International Poznan" – a talk show in English that encourages foreigners to speak openly about their lives in Poland. Maciej also works as a TV producer and hosts morning shows. He is interested in the issues related to the circular economy in the closed circuit and activities in the Baltic Sea Region. more details

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Wednesday, 12 June 2019
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Opening Session more details

Circular economy – the key to a clean, healthy and rich Baltic Sea

Welcome words

High-level debate (1-2 rounds of questions)

Enabling questions (open list):

Why and to what extent should circular economy be a key driver for good environmental status of the Baltic Sea?

What is the role of the EUSBSR in facilitating this process?

Networking Break (Lunch)
I Plenary Session more details

Going circular – a pathway to well-being in the Baltic Sea Region

Keynote speech:

Securing growth and prosperity for the Baltic Sea Region by means of circular economy

Strategic panel

Enabling questions (open list):

What could be the role of circular and sharing economy in addressing the key Baltic Sea Region's challenges?

How can public policy at all levels be re-shaped to best use circular economy to address these challenges and to improve Baltic Sea Region long-term global competitive position?

Can the EUSBSR support the transformation into the circular reality in the Baltic Sea Region?

Parallel seminars
Networking Break (Snacks)
II Plenary Session more details

Business-driven approach to circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region

Keynote speech:

Circular business models as an important contribution to SDGs' implementation in the Baltic Sea Region     

Strategic panel

Enabling questions (open list):

Has business reached a critical mass to transform Baltic Sea Region economy into eco-efficient one?

Is cooperation between public and private partners fully utilised to make Baltic Sea Region a circular one?

What are the ways to better use the EUSBSR as a platform for business-led investment in circular economy?

Gala Dinner
Thursday, 13 June 2019
Registration open
III Plenary Session more details

Demography and circularity in the Baltic Sea Region: interdependent or disconnected?

Keynote speech:

Role of circular economy in robust demographic change management in the Baltic Sea Region

Strategic panel

Enabling questions (open list):

What is a link between circular economy and labour market dynamics in the Baltic Sea Region?

Could circular economy be a part of an answer to depopulation, ageing or migrations in the Baltic Sea Region?

How to use the EUSBSR to strengthen pro-circular mind-set of young generation for better future?

Parallel seminars
Networking Break (Lunch)
Parallel seminars
Concluding panel  more details

Looking into the future

Issues to be touched (open list):

Summing-up of the Forum. Key messages.

Reflections on the future of the EUSBSR after 10 years of its implementation.

EU budget for 2021-2027. What's in it for the Baltic Sea Region?

Invitation to 11th Annual EUSBSR Forum in Denmark

Networking Break (Snacks)
Participation Day
Networking Village
Networking Village
Networking Village
Networking Village
Networking Village
Networking Village