The Polish Baltic Frederic Chopin Philharmonic

About the Philharmonic

The 10th Annual Forum in Gdańsk, will take place in The Polish Baltic Philharmonic - the  building is located on Ołowianka Island on the Motława River. In the close location of the Gdańsk Old Town and the most interesting  tourist attractions of the city of Gdańsk.

The building, which houses The Polish Baltic Philharmonic  today was constructed in 1897-1898 as a power station with a neo-Gothic facade. The seat of The Polish Baltic Philharmonic is a complex of buildings at the former plant of the late nineteenth century, located on the island of Ołowianka. After the plant was closed in 1996, it was subsequently adapted between 1996-2005 as a concert hall.

The original power station was built between 1897-1898 by the Berlin firm of Siemens & Halske, with further expansion continuing through 1913. This brick building with its elegant neo-Gothic facade is decorated with rosettes, turrets and even two towers. During the final months of World War II, the complex suffered severe damage. Launched back in August 1945 the power plant operated until its closure in 1996.

The Polish Baltic Philharmonic is the largest music institution in the Northern Poland, visited not only by local music-lovers but also by people from all over Poland and all over the world. This is a place for the ones who desire to enjoy the art of the highest quality. The Polish Baltic Philharmonic organizes symphonic concerts, recitals, and chamber music soirées performed by the most prominent Polish musicians as well as by many worldwide-known artists.

Apart from its concert activities, The Philharmonic's Music and Congress Centre on the Ołowianka Isle offers many rooms and halls to hire, which makes it a place of numerous symposiums, congresses, international trade conferences and occasional meetings.

Being a universal music institution, the Philharmonic deals also with studio recordings. The cutting-edge digital technologies and a team of licensed sound technicians of the Philharmonic's recording studio ensure a high level of the offered services, from studio and concert recordings to full post-production of the sound material (including its mastering and re-mastering).

The Centre on the Ołowianka Isle houses also a fine arts gallery. In the beginning, it was an occasional one, which accompanied various events, however, by now it has become a more permanent establishment. It presents works by Polish as well as foreign artists.

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